21 Sep 2014


I’ve made this design available to purchase as a T-shirt, and prints!


21 Sep 2014


white sj bloggers be like: “i love the negroes! black is beautiful! *reblogs pictures of light skint black people with small sharp noses, thin lips, and straightened or loosely curled hair only* *goes completely overboard praising lupita nyong-o* i love those people! *laughs at antiblack jokes at school offline*”

21 Sep 2014



Lingerie for men is a thing — and it’s pretty awesome 

Every holiday season, the Angels of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gallantly spread their wings on the runway for a national TV audience. Who’s to say a man couldn’t don a lace bra and panties and feel just as confident and sexy?

Enter HommeMystere, a Brisbane, Australia-based online store and design studio whose sole mission is to make lingerie that’s “fun, unique and comfortable” for men. In the process, the company and the men who model for them are challenging some of our most entrenched gender stereotypes.

They’ve got “angels” of their own | Follow micdotcom


21 Sep 2014
why would you go through depression? so many people on here envy you. They say sometimes your so use to your features you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger. Maybe that was you.. Am i right?


tbh i’m going to keep my cool to this question. all i’m going to say is, if you’re not going through my life and in my shoes on a daily basis then u can’t really say anything about how i’m feeling. you don’t feel the waves of my emotions and what i go through outside of the “internet”…u don’t know how i feel when i’m laying in bed at night, u don’t know that if after meet & greets or events or me just typing a long paragraph to a supporter that i break down crying, u never know. u just never know what people go through. so don’t ever question someone’s sadness, because i’m sure u wouldn’t want someone saying to u “you’re too pretty to be sad, why are u even sad? u have everything. ur being sad for attention.” that’s messed up.